Rio On Repeat: Music Straight from Brazil

Rio On Repeat: Music Straight from Brazil

Gyde & Seek's newest destination has serious rhythm—so we're celebrating our launch with a playlist straight from the source. We asked each member of our newly minted Rio de Janeiro team to contribute a Brazilian track from any genre. The result is an eclectic listen that delivers forró, bossa nova (nope, we couldn't resist the girl from Ipanema's sultry siren song), a drum kick of samba, and some contemporary rock for good measure. The Cariocas suggest pairing it with a warm breeze and a cold Brahma. You can still dip your feet in the tropical sound waves, even if you aren't headed to Carnival this year. Dust off your Havaianas, pump up the volume, and let summer begin.

1. Jorge Ben Jor, "País Tropical"

"Jorge Ben translates the happiness and joy of being Brazilian in this vibrant song that will make anybody willing to dance!" –Laís

2. Stan Getz, João Gilberto & Astrud Gilberto, "The Girl from Ipanema"

"This song is the face of Rio!" –Neyla

3. Antônio Carlos Jobim, "Samba do Avião"

"This bossa nova classic describes the arrival to Rio by plane." –Luís

4. Falamansa, "Xote dos Milagres"

"For me, Brazilian forró is synonymous with pure joy. Every time I listen to this song, I feel like dancing!" –Olivia

5. Seu Jorge, "Carolina"

"You may recognize pop samba star Seu Jorge from his role in the film City of God." –Marcelo

6. Djavan, "Sina"

"Between the melody and the lyrics, this song represents the best of an era (the '80s!) in Brazil." –Cassio

7. Gonzaguinha, "O Que É o Que É"

"This song is about life and how to live it. Right now this is what we need in Brazil. We need to be one—to be a nation. We are all Brazilians." –Gisela

8. Chico Buarque, "Feijoada Completa"

"This track describes the iconic Brazilian dish, feijoada—and also the Brazilian attitude towards eating: the more the merrier! If an unexpected guest should show up to lunch, just put some 'more water on the beans' (to make the meal stretch further)." –Tom

9. Cartola, "O Sol Nascerá"

"Cartola is considered one of the greatest samba composers of all time. He was born and raised in Rio and spent his adulthood living in the neighborhood of Mangueira." –Rodrigo

10. Cássia Eller, "Lanterna dos Afogados"

"There's more to Brazilian music than samba, bossa nova, and forró!" –Marcio

11. João Gilberto, "Chega de Saudade"

"I lived most of my life away from Brazil, and every time I booked a flight home to Rio, this song, whose title roughly translates 'no more missing you', played automatically in my mind." –Tiago

12. Rogério Duprat, Os Mutantes "Cancao Para Ingles Ver/Chiquita Bacana"

"Os Mutantes capture the fun-loving essence of being Brazilian. They have an amazing sound that makes you want to move and dance around snapping your fingers." –Nina

13. Ivete Sangalo, "Quando a Chuva Passar"

"I love the melody of this contemporary Brazilian pop song." –Markus

14. Maria Rita, "Num Corpo Só"

"Maria Rita is the daughter of a very famous bossa nova singer (Elis Regina) and simply divine. When I listen to this song I feel the privilege of being Brazilian. Samba, Rio, and our mountains: the perfect combination." –Rafa

15. Wilson Simonal, "Zazueira"

"Written by legendary composer Jorge Ben Jor and sung by 70s' pop hero Wilson Simonal (both Cariocas), this oldie favorite has the kind of authentic local rhythm that should be found on any Brazilian playlist." –Maiko

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